Auto Body Repair Myths

auto body repair

Getting into an accident with your vehicle is stressful. Adding on to that, you now have to deal with the process of an  auto body repair. Here are some common myths about auto body repair to help prepare you, so that you are equipped with the correct information.


Myth #1: You must use the auto body repair shop that the insurance company chooses

You have the right to choose your auto body repair shop. In most states, including California, that is the law. So you have the law on your side. Insurance companies may provide a list of suggestions for auto body shops; they may also offer additional benefits. Be aware that they may gain discounts and more controls of the repair process through their recommendations. Ultimately, it is your legal right to choose and the insurance company must work with the body shop that you decide on.


Myth #2: You should take your vehicle to the dealer for repairs

There is a misconception that a dealership that sells the same make as your vehicle will repair your car the best. This is not true. Auto body repair shops that are non-dealer affiliated have the training and expertise to work on all models and makes of vehicles. They can also order the exact car parts that are needed for the repair. Dealers are also typically higher priced!


Myth #3: All repairs will be covered by insurance

Just because your vehicle is insured does not mean that your insurance will pay for all the repairs. The amount of coverage will depend on your insurance policy terms and also the extent of the damage on the vehicle. That is why it is important to fully understand your insurance policy and to ask questions if anything is unclear. Collision insurance and liability insurance will have different policies, so if you are a first-time car owner make sure you understand what you want covered to avoid any potential nasty surprises.


Myth #4: You need to collect multiple estimates for insurance reimbursement

One estimate is all you need when going through insurance. It is not necessary to spend your time collecting as many as you can find because at the end of the day, the insurance company is paying. However, if the estimate that your insurance has provided differs from the estimate that you asked from your chosen auto body repair shop, then you must contact your insurance company to discuss the variance. From there, a negotiation may be initiated between your insurance company and the auto body shop to agree on a fair price.


Myth #5: your car won’t be the same

Expert auto body repair technicians pride their work on getting damaged vehicles restored back to pre-accident condition. It will be the auto body repair shop that is working on your vehicle, not the insurance company. This is why it is important to choose a body repair shop that you trust and can communicate with. It is their responsibility to repair and warranty the work done on your repairs. Experts like Quality Assured Collision Center have plenty of experience working with insurance companies and they are the ones to trust to set your expectations.

The most important things to consider are to understand your insurance policy and know what will or will not be covered. Then, choose an auto body repair shop like Quality Assured Collision Center, that you know and trust.

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