Auto Paint Shop for Luxury Vehicles

auto paint for luxury vehicles

In our last installment we outlined how to choose the right auto paint shop. However, not all vehicles have the same auto paint requirements. When it comes to choosing an auto paint shop for luxury vehicles, there are several additional factors to consider. First, many luxury vehicles have factory paint jobs that are more complex than standard vehicles. Secondly, some luxury vehicles may require specialty paints and additives.

The Basics: Choosing an Auto Paint Shop

When choosing an auto paint shop for luxury vehicles, start with these basic steps:

  1. Interview the auto paint shop to ensure they are detail oriented. Attention to detail is perhaps the most critical factor in an auto paint job.
  2. Inquire about their color matching process and determine if the shop can match the unique color of your luxury vehicle.
  3. Make sure the shop is clean. Paint jobs require a clean environment to reduce blemishes caused by dust. Evidence of a dirty shop my also mean the likelihood of a dirty paint booth.
  4. Ask for samples, especially if they can show you examples of work they did on your make and model.

Choosing an Auto Paint Shop for Luxury Vehicles

When it comes to your luxury vehicle consider these additional and very important factors.

Materials matter! The quality of the paint and clear coats will make a difference in the finished product. Each luxury automobile manufacturer has a different painting process including the number of clear coats and types of materials utilized. This is why it is important to work with an auto paint shop that has the ability to source the right materials and understands the unique process required to properly paint your vehicle.

According to this infographic by Auto Training Center, urethane is probably the most high quality / high performance material, that will be used on most higher end cars. For a collector or show car, you might see a lacquer. Lacquers however require lots of maintenance which is why you might not normally see them on an everyday driver. So as you can see, there is some range in the type of materials.

Examples of Auto Paint for Luxury Vehicles

The Cadillac Black Diamond edition is a metallic base coat and an added layer of spectra flare pigment that includes proprietary metallic flakes. The special material is an example of a luxury auto paint job that is specific only to the manufacturer Cadillac and repairing or replacing this specific paint would require both special material and skill.

Source: Auto Training Center

Another example is Mercedes Alubeam. The allure of this unique paint job is that it looks like highly polished bare metal, for a sporty yet futuristic look.  Nonetheless, this paint job involves seven separate layers and involves rare metallic materials to achieve this this truly custom look.

Source: Auto Training Center

Painting a luxury car is essentially the same fundamental process as paining a standard car: prep, paint, protect. However there may be additional areas to prep and cover, more layers of paint, and of course decorative items and emblems that will need to be covered. Many manufacturers have certifications so check with your auto paint shop to see if they have a certification in your specific make.

Here at Quality Assured Collision Center we have worked on many types of luxury vehicles. So if you are in need of a high quality auto paint for luxury vehicles, then contact us today.

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auto paint for luxury vehicles

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