I Got a Car Dent, Now What?

You’re cruising down the road, obeying all traffic laws, when suddenly, you hear that dreaded thud. You feel it in your gut – a dent in your beloved car. But fear not. There are steps you can take to address that unsightly car dent and restore your vehicle’s beauty. In this blog post, we’ll walk – Read More

The Independent Auto Body Shop: Always the Winner

In the world of auto body repairs, two contenders stand tall: Independent Repair Shops and Direct Repair Shops. These two options offer vehicle owners distinct paths when it comes to fixing their vehicles. While both have their merits, there’s a clear winner emerging from the pit stop – the independent auto body shop. In this – Read More

How Do Body Shops Fix Dents in Cars?

fix dents
So many things can go wrong with your vehicle throughout its life. While major issues like engine failure will require a trip to the mechanics, you may be tempted to fix some things yourself. First of all stop. Things are never as easy as they look on Youtube and you will be surprised how affordable – Read More

Best Auto Body Shop in Long Beach California

If you have recently experienced a collision or auto accident in the Long Beach area, then you must trust your vehicle with the best auto body shop in Long Beach. This is not the time to take risks with unfamiliar vendors. At Quality Assured Collision Center, we have garnered a reputation for excellence, making us – Read More

Does Body Work Void A Car’s Warranty?

body work
A minor accident might not write off your car (aka make it worthless) or cause major damage. But you can still be left with some cosmetic dents and scratches. Thankfully, this will be easy enough to get fixed. However, before you choose a body shop, there’s a big question to be answered. Will body work – Read More

Get to Know Quality Assured Collision Center

quality assured collision center
Quality Assured Collision Center is your best full-service auto repair shop in Long Beach. We are located just southeast of Pacific Coast Highway and Cherry Ave. Check out our hundreds of positive Yelp reviews. Click here to go to Yelp and see our reviews. We are a more cost-effective alternative to dealer repairs and we – Read More

How to Choose a Fleet Services Vendor

fleet services
If your business requires a fleet, there are a lot of items that you need to take care of as part of your operations. This includes fleet maintenance to ensure that your vehicles are always safe and working as they should. Instead of worrying about taking care of this yourself, you can hire a fleet – Read More

Why Does My Car Rattle?

why does my car rattle
Why does my car rattle! If you said that out loud, then you are in the right place. When you drive you typically don’t hear much aside from the typical hum of your engine – and your tunes. And perhaps the chatter of passengers. However, if you hear a noise, especially a rattling noise, when – Read More

My Car Makes Noises When I Turn. Now What?

car makes noises
As your car gets older, you will notice more and more issues, especially that you car makes noises. This includes having your car make noises as you turn your wheel. But what causes these problems? This article will take a closer look at some of the most common reasons why your car makes noises as – Read More

Bad Roads and Auto Damage

auto damage
Bad road conditions make for bad rides and they are  also hard on cars. Here in Southern California, our roads take a beating. Heavy traffic and hot weather makes it impossible for repair crews to keep up with the work load. So bad roads are just a part of driving here. Not only can this – Read More