Why Does My Car Rattle?

why does my car rattle
Why does my car rattle! If you said that out loud, then you are in the right place. When you drive you typically don’t hear much aside from the typical hum of your engine – and your tunes. And perhaps the chatter of passengers. However, if you hear a noise, especially a rattling noise, when – Read More

My Car Makes Noises When I Turn. Now What?

car makes noises
As your car gets older, you will notice more and more issues, especially that you car makes noises. This includes having your car make noises as you turn your wheel. But what causes these problems? This article will take a closer look at some of the most common reasons why your car makes noises as – Read More

Bad Roads and Auto Damage

auto damage
Bad road conditions make for bad rides and they are  also hard on cars. Here in Southern California, our roads take a beating. Heavy traffic and hot weather makes it impossible for repair crews to keep up with the work load. So bad roads are just a part of driving here. Not only can this – Read More

What is an Auto Body Shop “Free Estimate”?

body shop free estimate
Free Quote. Estimate. Proposal! No matter what you call it, if you need auto body work, you should get something in writing before starting the process. An auto body shop free estimate is a committment to perform the work and a reasonable estimate of cost. When an accident happens, people are vulnerable. They are looking – Read More

The Basics of Collision Frame Repair

collision frame repair
After a collision, there may be damage to the frame that needs to be addressed. Frames in cars are more flexible these days because they are made to offer much better protection for the passengers in the car. The problem with this flexibility is that while the people in the car are better protected, the – Read More

Different Types of Bumper Damage Explained

bumper damage
Bumpers often get damaged in a car accident, especially considering that fender benders are the most common type of car accident. In these accidents, the bumpers generally will sustain most of the damage. Bumpers can sustain various types of damages that need to be addressed by a professional auto body shop. This article will take – Read More

Is Collision Repair Possible for a Totaled Vehicle

collision repair
A lot of people, especially insurance companies, consider investing in a totaled vehicle pointless. But, they do not look at the situation from your point of view. Is your car paid off? Are you attached to the car? Can you afford a new car payment? What if fixing the car made more sense in your – Read More

Why Dent Removal Should be Done at an Auto Body Shop

DIY (Do-it-Yourself) is all the rage. With loads of tutorials on Youtube and a virtual endless supply of gadgets on Amazon, many people these days are literally taking their problems into their own hands. From installing lighting fixtures in their houses, to fixing dents on their cars, and everything in between. But when is a – Read More

Dealing With Parking Lot Auto Body Accidents

auto body
Unfortunately, parking lot accidents are a part of life. According to the National Safety Council, one in five accidents happen in the parking lot. The most common of these accidents is when two cars back up into each other.  Today we will look at how to deal with a parking lot auto body accident that – Read More

Auto Body Shop Safety

auto body shop safety
For those of us that work in in auto body shops, we are well aware of the potential hazards. Safety of the staff and customers is a top priority. But proper auto body shop safety also helps us do a better job at acheiving our mission, which is to get your car back to you – Read More