Body Shop Services Explained

body shop services

Are you someone who has never been to a body shop before? It may seem like a new world to you, at first. But hold tight and we will help. Though many body shops offer a broad range of services, it can be difficult to know which one your vehicle requires. Let’s demystify things by looking at some of the services on offer and how they work.


Frame Straightening

Sometimes, your car has been involved in a significant accident. This has left the core frame of the vehicle twisted or sagging. This kind of structural damage makes your car dangerous to drive.

To repair a twisted frame, the body shop workers need to use a specialized frame straightening machine. This lifts the vehicle off the ground. From there, the frame can be examined, using laser technology. This allows technicians to get the new frame millimeter perfect.

Once the body shop technicians have a plan, the car can be chained to moveable poles. These use powerful hydraulics to pull the frame back into the correct alignment. The frame is then inspected again to ensure that the damage has been fully repaired.


Dent Repairs

While frame straightening fixes substantial chassis damage, dent repairs focus on unsightly cosmetic dents. These could be anything from a large dent from a collision to a small crater left by a hailstone.

The method used to remove the dent depends on the size of the damage. For small dents, they can use a suction machine or heat gun. This allows them to bend the bodywork back to its original shape. From there, they can sand the spot and re-apply the paint.

If there is a larger dent, they will need to heat the bodywork with a heat gun. This makes it more pliable. As the material cools it returns to its original shape. A suction gun can help remove the dent. After this, a filler material is used to even out the surface. Finally, the bodywork is sanded and re-painted. By the end of this process, the bodywork will look brand new.

Even if a technician has immense skill, some panels are too damaged to be repaired. In this case, they will remove them and order new ones.


Collision Repairs

Body shops are uniquely positioned to help you recover from a collision. Depending on the damage, this can involve frame straightening, dent repair, and paint repairs. If needed, they can also remove and replace damaged parts. Glass components, like headlights, can also be replaced if needed. By the time the technicians are done, you won’t know that your car was involved in a crash.


Automotive Paint

Finally, body shops can help you paint a vehicle. Sometimes, this is done to repair damage. Painting is the final stage of fixing dent damage, covering up the repair work.

Or you might want to change the paint color on your whole vehicle. This is a cheap way to put your unique spin on a car. Usually, multiple coats of paint are needed. This provides a long-lasting, high-quality finish.



Hopefully, you have a clearer picture of how body shop technicians achieve their incredible results. If you have any lingering questions, though, don’t hesitate to ask. The body shop technicians at Long Beach Collision Center are always happy to chat about your unique situation and explain the best approach for your vehicle.

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