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How Long Does a Bumper Repair Really Take?

Let’s talk about something we all might encounter at some point – the dreaded bumper damage. It’s a bummer, right? (sorry for the pun) One of the first questions that pops up however is how long will it take to get this fixed?   How Long Does a Typical Bumper Repair Take? The duration of – Read More ...Read More

Common Types of Car Body Damage Repair

Car body damage is an unfortunate reality for many vehicle owners. It can occur for various reasons, including the weather’s wrath, poor maintenance, or unexpected collisions. Understanding the common types of car body damage and the necessary repairs can help you maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle.   Weather-Related Damage Paint Oxidation and – Read More ...Read More

How Do Body Shops Fix Dents in Cars?

fix dents
So many things can go wrong with your vehicle throughout its life. While major issues like engine failure will require a trip to the mechanics, you may be tempted to fix some things yourself. First of all stop. Things are never as easy as they look on Youtube and you will be surprised how affordable – Read More ...Read More

Does Body Work Void A Car’s Warranty?

body work
A minor accident might not write off your car (aka make it worthless) or cause major damage. But you can still be left with some cosmetic dents and scratches. Thankfully, this will be easy enough to get fixed. However, before you choose a body shop, there’s a big question to be answered. Will body work – Read More ...Read More

The Basics of Collision Frame Repair

collision frame repair
After a collision, there may be damage to the frame that needs to be addressed. Frames in cars are more flexible these days because they are made to offer much better protection for the passengers in the car. The problem with this flexibility is that while the people in the car are better protected, the – Read More ...Read More

Different Types of Bumper Damage Explained

bumper damage
Bumpers often get damaged in a car accident, especially considering that fender benders are the most common type of car accident. In these accidents, the bumpers generally will sustain most of the damage. Bumpers can sustain various types of damages that need to be addressed by a professional auto body shop. This article will take – Read More ...Read More

Is Collision Repair Possible for a Totaled Vehicle

collision repair
A lot of people, especially insurance companies, consider investing in a totaled vehicle pointless. But, they do not look at the situation from your point of view. Is your car paid off? Are you attached to the car? Can you afford a new car payment? What if fixing the car made more sense in your – Read More ...Read More

How Auto Body Shops Fix Dents

fix dents
Oh no, a dent! The dreaded dent. No matter how big or small, a dent is frustrating. Especially if your car is new or you are planning to soon sell the car. But if you find yourself with a dent, don’t fret. Fixing dents is simple and an experienced auto body shop like Quality Assured – Read More ...Read More

5 Common Auto Body Problems

auto body problems
Vehicles face threats from all sides, such as the weather and careless drivers – and more in-between. Even minor damage can take a vehicle off the road for several weeks and it is crucial vehicle owners are aware of the different types of auto body problems. So, what are the five most common auto body – Read More ...Read More

Top 10 Questions to Ask an Automobile Collision Repair Shop

If you were in an accident, you want to be sure that you find the right automobile collision repair shop to get your car back into great condition. But how do you choose the best automobile collision repair shop? By asking these top 10 questions, you can get all of the information that you need – Read More ...Read More