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The Independent Auto Body Shop: Always the Winner

In the world of auto body repairs, two contenders stand tall: Independent Repair Shops and Direct Repair Shops. These two options offer vehicle owners distinct paths when it comes to fixing their vehicles. While both have their merits, there’s a clear winner emerging from the pit stop – the independent auto body shop. In this – Read More ...Read More

Is Collision Repair Possible for a Totaled Vehicle

collision repair
A lot of people, especially insurance companies, consider investing in a totaled vehicle pointless. But, they do not look at the situation from your point of view. Is your car paid off? Are you attached to the car? Can you afford a new car payment? What if fixing the car made more sense in your – Read More ...Read More

Dealing With Parking Lot Auto Body Accidents

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Unfortunately, parking lot accidents are a part of life. According to the National Safety Council, one in five accidents happen in the parking lot. The most common of these accidents is when two cars back up into each other.  Today we will look at how to deal with a parking lot auto body accident that – Read More ...Read More

What Are ‘Acts of God’ in Auto Insurance?

acts of god in auto insurance
Act of God insurance is also known as comprehensive, liability, and collision insurance. This is where you are unable to logically prevent an accident from occurring. You cannot foresee acts of God, such as a lightning strike, hurricane, flood, hitting an animal, earthquakes, or theft of a vehicle. Having an insured vehicle is a necessity – Read More ...Read More

What Type of Auto Insurance Should Drivers Get?

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Disclaimer: Quality Assured Collision Center is not a licensed insurance agent. This advice should not replace the guidance of a licensed auto insurance agent. While drivers may not have a choice when it comes to getting car insurance, they do have several choices in the types of coverage. This article will guide you through understanding what – Read More ...Read More