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Why Does My Car Rattle?

why does my car rattle
Why does my car rattle! If you said that out loud, then you are in the right place. When you drive you typically don’t hear much aside from the typical hum of your engine – and your tunes. And perhaps the chatter of passengers. However, if you hear a noise, especially a rattling noise, when – Read More ...Read More

My Car Makes Noises When I Turn. Now What?

car makes noises
As your car gets older, you will notice more and more issues, especially that you car makes noises. This includes having your car make noises as you turn your wheel. But what causes these problems? This article will take a closer look at some of the most common reasons why your car makes noises as – Read More ...Read More

Bad Roads and Auto Damage

auto damage
Bad road conditions make for bad rides and they are  also hard on cars. Here in Southern California, our roads take a beating. Heavy traffic and hot weather makes it impossible for repair crews to keep up with the work load. So bad roads are just a part of driving here. Not only can this – Read More ...Read More

5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Any car owner knows that you will inevitably need to see a mechanic at some point to get your car fixed. Whether there is an issue due to age or some other problem, mechanics can help get your car back in working order. But how can you get the best service for your money? It – Read More ...Read More

The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

difference between aftermarket and oem parts
Oh no, the dreaded breakdown, or worse, you have been in an accident. With most drivers this type of occurrence is rare and there might be some words you have not heard in a while, like original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and “aftermarket”. But one thing is certain, you just want to get your vehicle – Read More ...Read More

Mechanical Repair Services & Preventative Maintenance

mechanical repairs long beach
You might have heard that Quality Assured Collision Center offers mechanical repair services. Not only do we keep your vehicle looking pristine, but we can also help you keep it running like new. In this article we will talk about frequently asked questions about mechanical repair services, and perhaps more importantly, preventative maintenance. We have – Read More ...Read More

The Summertime Mechanical Repair & Maintenance Checklist

Summer is here and that can mean stress for your car. Hot weather, long road trips and sitting in traffic on hot days can be hard on your car. This summertime mechanical repair services checklist is a great way to make sure your vehicle is ready this summer. At Quality Assured Collision Center, we are – Read More ...Read More