The Difference Between Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Vehicles

Differences Between EVs and Internal Combustion

There are numerous pros and cons for both electric vehicles (EV) and internal combustion engines (ICE). EVs provide instant torque allowing you to zip off the starting line. They are a thrill to drive. But internal combustion has reliable power that can get you from point A to point B almost anywhere in the world without  having to worry about charging. There are also cost of ownership factors. EVs require less preventative and regular maintenance but when the battery pack needs replaced, it can be very costly. Meanwhile, though ICEs need regular maintenance, most major mechanical issues, like a new transmission, won’t set you back as much as a new EV battery.  Reading on, you can get a closer look at these key differences in maintenance and how this benefits you.


Infrastructure: The Biggest Difference Between EVs and Internal Combustion

One of the main arguments for ICEs is that there are plenty of gas stations, mechanics, and parts to keep ICE vehicles on the road. The ICE has been around for over 100 years! There is a whole network of suppliers for parts and experts to install those parts. Learn more about the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts in this article.


Electric Vehicles Have Fewer Moving Parts Than Combustible Engines

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than combustible engines. This is the main reason why maintenance is less. You don’t need to worry about things like lubricant to make sure that the parts of the engine are functioning properly. You don’t need to worry about filter or oil changes, nor do you need to worry about changes to the exhaust system. There are fewer mechanical parts like belts, cylinders, and head gaskets that need to be maintained.


Charging an EV is not Free

According to the website The Pricer, it will cost you $15 to $18 to charge your typical Tesla. This pales in comparison to the cost to fill up a car these days, but again, it’s not free to refuel your EV. Another thing to keep in mind is that our current power grid is not sufficient to support mass adoption of EV’s all at once. If everyone decided overnight to switch to an EV, we would have some major issues! If the power infrastructure cannot keep up with the demand for EV’s then by laws of economics, the cost to recharge an EV will increase.


Electric Vehicles Typically Cause Less Wear on Brakes

Electric cars have two braking systems. One system is the regenerative braking system, which utilizes a motor as the generator to charge up the battery sometimes. Then, there is the standard braking system that is activated afterwards, which uses drums/discs and brake pads. This reduces the load on the mechanical braking system and your tires, which means that you will need to replace these parts less frequently than you would with a combustible engine car. But there are some other factors to consider. EVs are very heavy so when you are braking and employing the use of the traditional brakes, there will be more strain.


Electric Vehicles Have a Much Simpler Transmission

Electric vehicles lack a clutch and manual gearbox, which means that the transmission is far simpler within the electric vehicles. Electric vehicles offer direct drive, unlike what you would find with the combustion engine vehicle. The motor is far more efficient because the battery typically generates a magnetic field that has a fixed part when the driver accelerates, which will then cause the mobile part to rotate. This also means that since the transmission is simpler, there are fewer things that can go wrong with it which will mean less maintenance for you.



As you can see, there are some significant differences between the maintenance required for electric vehicles and the maintenance required for internal combustion engine vehicles. Quality Assured Collision Center is not only able to keep your EV or ICE running, but we can also handle painting EV’s which requires a different process than painting an ICE. Due to the battery packs in EV’s the drying process is different. So if you are in need of paint for your EV then call us and get the job done right.

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