Do Minor Auto Body Collisions Cause Hidden Damage?

auto body collisions

Many of us will experience a car accident at some point in our lives, even if it’s only a fender bender, so it’s prudent to know what to do when an accident occurs. We tend to categorize auto body collisions into accidents of major and minor damage. Many of us would refer to this as fender bender vs. totaled.  However, just because you only see a scratch or there seems to be no damage at all, this does not mean you should take the incident lightly. There could be unseen damage. This article addresses that issue.

The best practice is to always report the accident, take pictures, exchange insurance information, and inspect the vehicle for the types of damages discussed in this article. Most importantly we recommend that you visit us at Quality Assured Collision Center for a free vehicle inspection. We can diagnose any of that unseen damage and get your vehicle restored to pre-accident condition so that it is mechanically sound and SAFE TO DRIVE.


Types of Auto Body Collision Damage


Minor accidents can cause damage to your electrical systems, loosening wires to your battery, taillights, and brake lights. Do not ignore your engine light if it turns on. Minor problems can turn into major ones, even possibly leaving you stranded or at risk for another collision should your electrical systems fail at an inopportune time.


A minor collision may shift your battery out of position or cause it to cut out. If you notice that your lights are dimmer than usual, your battery may be working poorly. If not attended to, your battery may die or you may have difficulty starting your car.


Check for any new leaks after the accident. Your radiator, A/C, oil lines, or brake lines could be damaged. If you see fluids leaking, visit us immediately to repair the leaks.


Observe the way your vehicle drives after an accident. If your car drifts to one side of the road, or if your steering wheel handles oddly, or responds sluggishly, you may have an alignment problem. Letting an alignment issue persist will cause excessive wear to your tires, suspension, and brakes. Alignment problems can also be dangerous because they affect the handling of your vehicle and can disrupt driving.


A minor accident may cause damage to your transmission and related components. If you have difficultly shifting or notice any strange smells, have your car checked immediately. At Quality Assured Collision Center we handle the full spectrum of mechanical repairs, including transmission service. So not only can we take care of auto body collision damage from your accident, but we can also get your car mechanically repaired as well.


Damage to your frame may have long term consequences. For example, if your bumper received damage, the sealing and locking systems of your trunk may also be impacted. Additionally, frame damage can affect your airbag deployment, braking, and handling. Frame damage that is not properly fixed can lead to worsened damage and injury the event of yet another, subsequent accident. A compromised frame is a risk that should be addressed in order to have a safe, drivable car.


Small scratches in the frame of your car can allow rust to build up. Eventually, this rust may spread under the paint and eat away at the structure and connections of your vehicle.


What Should I Do After a Minor Car Accident?

Many of these problems remain hidden for a long time. You may not know until another accident occurs that there was a problem with your airbag deployment, for example. If you have undetected frame damage, the next accident could result in more serious damage and personal injury than if the car had been properly repaired.

Because even minor auto body collisions can cause extensive damage to your car, and because it is often hidden, you should always report the incident to your insurance company as well as the police and take pictures. Most importantly, take advantage of a free inspection by a qualified auto body and mechanical repair technician like Quality Assured Collision Center.

A fender bender may not appear to be a big deal or worth your time going to an auto shop, but having your car checked out immediately may end up saving you money in the long run. It may also prevent you from having a worse accident in the future or even save your life.

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