Does Collision Repair Void your Manufacturer’s Warranty?

does collision repair void manufacturers warranty

You were in a minor accident and want to know does a collision repair void your manufacturer’s warranty. If that’s you, then read this article.

It all started when you were in the market for a new vehicle and you saw the commercial: Ten Years or 100,000 miles. That peace of mind led you to the dealership and after a test drive you drove off with a new vehicle. But before you even broke in your your new car, you were involved in a minor accident. Now you are left wondering, does this accident void that manufacturer’s warranty that was so important to me in the first place?


Does Collision Repair Void Manufacture’s Warranties?

Totaled: Yes

Minor accidents: No

If the vehicle is written off as totaled, then the answer is YES in most cases. Even though the warranty is between you and your manufacturer, if the vehicle is in an accident where the insurance company salvages the title, then the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided.

Okay, so how does one go about protecting their warranty in the event of minor body damage?

First, do not believe your insurance company when they try and tell you that you should go with their auto body shop. They might be trying to steer you towards a shop in their network to keep their costs down. They may try and make you think that that using an independent shop will void that mechanical warranty. False! That mechanical warranty is between you and your auto manufacturer. You always have the right to choose your own auto body shop and that right is protected by law in most states.

Secondly, do not modify the vehicle during repairs. Warranties cover the vehicle in its original condition and a reputable body shop can restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition in most cases for minor damage. Chances are, if your frame is going to need to be straitened because of an accident, then the warranty is void. If you would like to learn more about the types of repairs read this article about understanding auto body damages and repairs.


Other Things that May Void Your Warranty

  • Misusing the vehicle, for example off-roading or racing, will void a warranty.
  • Environmental damage like fire or flood.
  • Tampering with the odometer: this will void a warranty and is even illegal.
  • Lack of service records. Keep a file of service records like oil changes and scheduled maintenance to prove to the manufacture that you properly cared for the vehicle. This will make warranty claims easy to win.

Warranty Example: 2016 Honda CRV

Here we will analyze a common warranty for a popular vehicle, the Honda CRV. This warranty is 42 pages in total, but on page 8 it covers the basic provisions. Examination of these provisions says nothing about minor body damage voiding the warranty. Again, it is things like misuse, modification, and neglect that will void the warranty.

If you purchased a vehicle because of the warranty, the read the warranty closely and follow the guidelines. 

Source: 2018 Honda CRV Warranty

does collision repair void manufacturers warranty

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