How Auto Body Shops Fix Dents

fix dents

Oh no, a dent! The dreaded dent. No matter how big or small, a dent is frustrating. Especially if your car is new or you are planning to soon sell the car. But if you find yourself with a dent, don’t fret. Fixing dents is simple and an experienced auto body shop like Quality Assured Collision Center can fix dents and match your paint so that your dent is HISTORY – a long forgotten memory.


Can I Fix it Myself?

Dents are no match for an experienced auto body shop. Unlike serious frame damage after a major collision, a dent repair usually just takes a few hours to complete. But that doesn’t mean you should “attempt to try this at home.” You may have seen online videos about popping out a small dent on your own. Though this might seem like a quick and cheap fix, you might want to reconsider! There might be some prep work needed so the paint does not crack or splinter. Most of the videos online are trying to sell you their “magic” product, so be careful. Many times they are using easy-to-fix dents. You would also be surprised at how inexpensive a professional small dent repair might be. So trying to save a few bucks might actually cost you more in the long run after you buy kits and potentially damage your paint.


Why You Should Hire a Pro to Fix Dents

The first thing we do is inspect the damage and decide the best path forward. Will this be a paintless dent removal or a traditional patch? We size up what tools and materials we will needed and we get to work. One thing about fixing a dent on your own is that you will probably have to purchase special tools and equipment. Once we know what the job entails, we then proceed to either pull or fill the dent with compound, or replace the panel completely.


How Does Filling a Dent Work

If the dent will not be able to be pulled, we must fill it with compound, smooth it, then repaint. This process requires skill and technique –  and lots of practice! The surface is prepped then the compound is applied to fill in the dent and match the surface of the panel. After a curing process the compound is sanded and prepped for paint. We then paint surface and cure the paint.


Safety is Key

Are you ready and able to handle drills for buffing, heat guns, and chemicals? Repairing a dent can be a difficult job and if you are not experienced and careful, you might end up getting hurt. Should you decide to attempt to fix your dent yourself, always be sure to wear proper eye protection and be very careful around any heat guns. Also make sure to use proper ventilation and make sure not to spill paint!

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