How to Stop Losing Your Car Keys

stop losing your car keys

The phone just rang and a close friend needs you to help them out of a jam. There was a water leak at their house and they desperately need your help to clean up the disaster. You are going to be the hero. You promise to be right over to help save the day! With valiance and vigor you head for the door, proudly ready to save your friend. Until….you can’t find your car keys.

We’ve all been there. Whether it be an emergency or late for work, we all have had occasions where we have misplaced our car keys. And it always happens at the worst times! These simple tricks will help this scenario become a thing of the past.


Use a Lanyard or Carabiner

Think about how many times you have been at the supermarket and you arrive at your vehicle with loads of bags and then you must locate your keys. It’s frustrating. But with the help of a lanyard or carabiner your keys will be on hand when you need them. You can place your keys in your pockets, or in your purse or bag, but nothing is as convenient as a lanyard or carabiner. You can always have quick access to them.


Use Tech

Tile key finders are very popular for a reason. Simply attach the tile to your key ring and in the event you can’t find your keys you fire up the app on your phone and the RFID will locate your keys. There are some drawbacks 1) what if you lost your phone too!, and 2) you must be within proximity of the keys. So if you misplaced your keys outside of your home then the Tile solution may not work. But if you tend to lose your keys around the house, then this might be the right choice for you.

how to stop losing your keys


Avoid Clutter

The sin of clutter is directly responsible for most people either losing their stuff or having difficulties locating them when they need them.

If you are not organized in the way you keep your things around your home then you will not find your car keys when you need them. Designate an exact place in your home or your office where you will place your keys by habit, so that you can find them quickly, every-time you need them.


Use Sticky Pads for Reminders

If you are one of those people who frequently forget where they put their wallet, purse, or car-keys then using a sticky note as reminders around the home or your office may be a good idea.

You can stick a note on the inside of your main exit door to remind you where you have kept your car keys.  In this way, you do not waste anxious moments searching for your car keys, when you need to move out of your home or office in a hurry.


Use the Same Pocket

People normally use a backpack or shoulder hanging bag to put in their personal effects, including their car keys.

It may save you a lot of anxiety if you develop a habit of placing your car keys into the same bag pocket all the time, every time. In this way, you are not dependent on your memory to remember where you put them, but this habit will become automatic after a brief period of time.


Park Away from Drains

Form a habit of checking before your park your car on the road. If you park right next to drainage on the street, there are strong possibilities of you dropping your keys into the hole.

This can be avoided by parking away from street drainage. However, if you must park over a drainage hole, then use a lanyard as suggested above. This will mitigate the chances of your car keys going down the drain.



Losing your car keys is frustrating to experience. You can avoid these situations by learning a few good habits to not lose them.

It is always good to make a duplicate set for your car keys and store them somewhere safe and accessible as an added precautionary measure. It is also advisable to have a lock-smiths contact number in case of emergencies.


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