Is Electric Vehicle Auto Body Repair the Same as Conventional Cars?

electric vehicle auto body repairs

Electric vehicle auto body repair is a growing segment within the auto body industry for good reason. Over 125 million electric vehicles will be on the road by 2030. This is a huge increase from the mere 3 million that were on the road in 2017. So it is safe to say that electric vehicles, and their hybrid cousins, are here to stay. So that is why here at Quality Assured Collision Center we want you to know that we are always increasing our capabilities to address new technologies and keep our customers on the road. In this article we will cover a few key differences between electric vehicle auto body repairs versus their conventional counterparts.

At Quality Assured Collision Center we take the time and care to perform electric vehicle auto body repairs the right way:

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Electric Vehicle Auto Body Repair Basics

Electric vehicles and hybrids have mechanically different drive trains and for that reason the mechanical components underneath the body are different. Extra care needs to be taken when prepping the vehicle for repair and even towing an electric vehicle.

For electric and hybrid vehicles if there was any damage near the battery packs then the battery packs may need to be removed prior to work and possibly replaced. The good thing about our shop is that we can do both electric vehicle auto body repairs and the mechanical repairs all under one roof. Some body shops may turn you away if they think they might have to remove a battery. But since we are full-service, all under the same roof, we can get you back on the road.



One drawback to electric vehicles and some hybrids is that they are not as common as conventional vehicles. So parts tend to be more expensive. More than likely you were aware of this when you purchased the vehicle.



Always use a flat bed to tow electric vehicles because towing on their own wheels can cause damage to the electrical system and potentially lead to a shock hazard. Once the vehicle arrives at the shop, the electric vehicle components will then need to be thoroughly inspected for any signs of damage, including behind damaged body panels.



Painting an electric vehicle is also different than painting a conventional vehicle.  After a vehicle is painted it is heated in the paint booth to cure the paint. However, when painting an electric vehicle auto body, the batteries have temperature thresholds that must be considered. Many manufacturers do not recommend the traditional curing process, often referred to as baking, and recommend baking at a lower temperature. This takes extra time but is proper for the car. Details like this are why it is necessary to choose a qualified shop like Quality Assured Collision Center when dealing with an electric or hybrid vehicle.


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