The Summertime Mechanical Repair & Maintenance Checklist

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Summer is here and that can mean stress for your car. Hot weather, long road trips and sitting in traffic on hot days can be hard on your car. This summertime mechanical repair services checklist is a great way to make sure your vehicle is ready this summer. At Quality Assured Collision Center, we are more than an auto body shop, we are also expert mechanics that can perform all types of mechanical repair services.

The Summer Mechanical Repair Checklist

Follow these steps and keep your car running its best this summer:

  • If your A/C isn’t what it used to be, get it checked
  • Keep tires properly inflated and remember to check the spare!
  • Don’t miss your next scheduled oil change
  • Wax your car to protect the paint from sun damage
  • Flush the radiator every two years
  • Inspect belts, hoses, and fluids for wear and cracks
  • Replace or clean out the air filter every 12,000 miles

A/C System

If your A/C system is lagging, take it in for a diagnostic. It could need a re-charge and if it needs a re-charge, it could mean there is a leak.  Cans of 134a air conditioner refrigerant available at most auto parts stores are not going to repair a leak and are nothing more than a temporary patch. As part of our mechanical repair services at Quality Assured Collision Center, we can inspect and repair your A/C system.


Improper tire pressure will affect gas mileage, but under or over-inflated tires can also lead to blowouts in summertime heat. Tire pressure responds a few psi to every 10-degree change in outside temperatures.  Under-inflated tires put extra pressure on the sidewalls and with excessive heat and pressure, and potholes, you might experience a blowout.

Also, don’t forget to inspect your spare! Nothing is worse than facing a blown tire only to find that 1) your spare is deflated, and 2) you forgot to renew your AAA membership!


Engine oil gets abused during hot driving conditions in the summer. The heat and stress can break the oil down faster. Due to advances in engine oil technology the need to use a winter vs summer weight is not an issue like it was in the past. However, this does not mean you can ignore oil changes.

Make sure to keep your oil fresh and topped up during summer. Check your oil regularly and get it changed as recommended by the manufacturer. To check your oil, let the car get to temperature before checking it. This way the oil is properly distributed throughout the crank case to get a true reading.


We’ve all seen that poor car with faded, splotched paint and thought to ourselves maybe I need to get a coat of wax on my car before that happens to me! Especially if you park outside for any length of time, the intense Californian sun can wreak havoc on your paint. To protect your paint, make sure to keep your car properly waxed. Especially if you have a darker color paint.

If your car is in need of a new coat of paint, call us for a free estimate. Our auto painting services are the best in Long Beach and we can match any color.

Engine Cooling

There is both air and coolant that keep the block at the proper temperature. The system that operates these processes has various components, like fans and water jackets, all of which need to be maintained properly.

One reason summertime is hard on engines is that sitting in SoCal traffic. Long periods of time not moving, restricts air flow across the engine block. This is why some cars tend to overheat when idling in traffic. Checking your belts and hoses may help prevent this type of breakdown. You can also stop by Quality Assured Collision Center for a free mechanical repair services inspection.

  1. Check the hoses by pinching them – when the car is cool! The hoses should feel firm and you shouldn’t see any visible cracking
  2. Flush the radiator every two years
  3. Visually inspect belts on your water pump and fans, they should not be cracking or worn

Air Filter

Much to the chagrin of the tech at the chain oil change shop, you do not need to change your air filter every time you get your oil changed. The recommended interval is 12,000 miles in most cases. Hot, dusty conditions will work against your filter so checking from time to time is recommended. You should be able to see light through the filter when holding it up to a light source.

So follow these steps and don’t get stranded this summer!

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