The Basics of Collision Frame Repair

collision frame repair

After a collision, there may be damage to the frame that needs to be addressed. Frames in cars are more flexible these days because they are made to offer much better protection for the passengers in the car. The problem with this flexibility is that while the people in the car are better protected, the frame is more susceptible to repairs that can be extremely difficult to accomplish. Frame damage occurs in nearly half of all accidents, so if you are in this percentage, you need an auto body shop that can fix these issues. Reading on, you can learn more about the basics of collision frame repair.


Types of Frame Damage

There are 4 different types of frame damage that happens with cars:

Sagging Frame

It’s easy to notice this type of damage because it causes gaps in the car’s body. Uneven frames caused by this sagging lead to your vehicle leaning forward. As the car frame sags, this puts extra stress on the coils and frames, leading to costly repairs as these items wear out.

Twisted Frame

The twisted frame can be a lot less noticeable than a sagging frame, but it can also cause added stress to the various components of your car. If you notice that the car has trouble taking turns or feels unstable when traveling at higher speeds, a twisted frame could be the issue.

Sway Damage

Sway damage happens when an object hits one of your vehicle’s corners. You are more likely to notice this type of damage because the car will have an obvious lean to them. The car will vibrate and has a lot of difficulty staying straight when driving. This damage can be pretty serious, not only causing alignment issues but can also impact the transmission and lead to the breakdown of your car.

Mashed Frame

This type of frame damage is the result of a head-on collision or a rear-end collision. When accidents like these happen, the frame actually collapses into itself. This causes a variety of major issues to your car.

As you can see, frame damage needs to be addressed as soon as possible otherwise there could be more serious and costly issues with your car.


Trust the Experts for Collision Frame Reapairs

An auto body repair shop will have specialized equipment that can help repair a frame. The auto body frame machine uses the latest technology in leverage, torque, and hydraulics in order to straighten the car’s frame. These machines are large, up to 24 ft. long and have towers that facilitate stretching and pulling the frame. Many of these machines also feature computerized measurement capabilities to allow the technician to fix the frame more accurately.

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If you notice any signs of frame damage on your car, you need to see an auto body shop that specializes in straightening car frames. These shops will have the best equipment to get the most accurate repair on the car frame. Otherwise, your car frame can cause damage to other components of your car, and this can lead to even more expensive repairs.

collision frame repair

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