The Complete Bumper Repair Guide

bumper repair

There are as many ways to damage a bumper as there are different types of bumpers. Bumpers can be made from steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or a combination of these materials. Knowing how and when to repair a damaged bumper versus when to replace takes specialized knowledge and experience. While duct tape and hammers may be your go-to weapons for many of life’s repair battles, they should never even be considered when it comes to your car. Letting an expert take care of your bumper will save you time, frustration, and money in the long run. Damaged bumpers can also be a safety risk because they may fall off in traffic and cause an accident.


Types of Bumper Damage & Bumper Repairs

Minor damage such as scratches, scrapes and scuffs often only require some professional cleaning, buffing and sanding. Although these are easy fixes for an expert, trying to do it yourself can result in more damage. Without the right tools and knowledge, you can easily make scrapes and scratches worse or even create new ones.

Dents are very common. Often, dents can be popped back into place by a professional without causing extra damage. If not done properly you could create a bigger dent or even crack the bumper. Some paint touch-up will often be needed as well. A professional will be able to match and apply the paint so that no one will ever know there was an issue. Auto body painting is an art and a science, so choosing the right auto paint shop is a key factor that you should also learn more about.

Punctures and tears often look worse than scratches or dents and are also more difficult to repair. This is definitely not a DIY project. An expert will trim and sand any rough edges and then fill the hole with plastic filler. When the filler is dry, they will cover it with paint that matches perfectly.


When Does a Damaged Bumper Need to be Replaced?

A cracked bumper will usually need to be replaced. Repairing a cracked bumper is an extensive undertaking and can cost more than replacing it. The structural integrity of the bumper will almost always be compromised, leaving you with less protection in the case of an accident.

If the bumper has major paint damage it may be easier and less costly to replace it. This might be the case if the paint is badly or excessively chipped or the scratches are very deep. Painting a new bumper to match your car will often be cheaper and less time consuming than the cost and hours needed to buff, sand, and repaint the damaged one.

Another reason to replace a bumper is if the hooks are damaged or broken. As bumper hooks literally hold the bumper to the frame of the car, they are not something you can do without. Unfortunately, bumper hooks cannot be replaced. Damaged or missing hooks equals a new bumper.

Your bumper is not only a safety feature of your car, it is also an aesthetically pleasing feature. Letting an expert take care of it will ensure the integrity of both. So stop driving around with that bumper that is dented, scratched, or hanging off the body. Quality Assured Collision Center is one of Yelp’s highest rated auto body shops in the Long Beach area. To-date we have over 200 honest reviews from real customers. Many of our reviews offer real pictures from real customers. These people were not just satisfied, they were so happy they wanted others to see for themselves. You can check out our reviews for yourself here.