What to Do if You are in an Out-of-State Auto Collision

out of state auto collision

It is never great getting into an auto collision, but even worse, what happens if your accident is an out-of-state auto collision? Perhaps you are a student away at school, or out-of-town on a long vacation. No matter the situation, being involved in an out-of-state collision adds extra complexity to your unfortunate situation. Finding a local auto body shop to handle your repair might be hard enough. This article will help guide you through the process if you find yourself in and out-of-state auto collision.

out of state auto collision

Get to Safety and Call for Help

Just as if you were in a collision in your own neighborhood, an out-of-state collision is no different when it comes to safety and notifying law-enforcement. First, make sure that nobody is hurt.  Then, if damage is minor and movement is possible and reasonable, move your vehicles out of traffic. The number one goal is to make sure that those involved in the accident are safe and out of the way of traffic. Once you are safe, call 911.

Calm Down

Next, be calm. Confrontation never helps in these situations and can even create new situations. At the same time, do not admit or accuse fault. The determination of fault is for a third-party to discern, such as a police officer.

Exchange Information

Next is to exchange information. Get the name and contact information of all drivers and passengers.  Include vehicle descriptions, drivers’ license numbers, plate numbers and insurance companies and policy numbers. It never hurts to ask permission to take a photo.

Contact Insurance

So, when do call the insurance company if you are in an out-of-state collision? As soon as you are safe and have a comfortable place to make the call, go ahead and make the call. Just because you are out-of-state, nothing should be materially different from an insurance standpoint.  Insurance policies will normally cover the minimum requirement in any state in which you were driving. If your accident occurs in the state of Texas then the minimum requirements for the state of Texas would go in effect regardless of what state you are from. So no matter which of the 50 states you are in, your policy should have you covered, it is that simple. However, always check your policy in the out-of-state section to be sure.

Out-of-State Collision Repair

First of all, no matter where you are, you have the right to choose your auto body shop. Perhaps you are out of state attending university and have a decent knowledge of the area. Put this local knowledge to use and contact a reputable body shop that you would like to use to fix your damaged automobile. Likewise, if you get a referral from someone you trust, it is okay to use that auto body shop. You have the right to choose the shop even if your insurance company attempts to steer you towards a network shop. The choice is always yours. Even if you are out of state.

If you are involved in an out-of-state collision in the Long Beach area, then give us a call. We have dealt with just about every situation and will guide you through the process of getting back on the road with ease.

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