Why Dent Removal Should be Done at an Auto Body Shop

DIY (Do-it-Yourself) is all the rage. With loads of tutorials on Youtube and a virtual endless supply of gadgets on Amazon, many people these days are literally taking their problems into their own hands. From installing lighting fixtures in their houses, to fixing dents on their cars, and everything in between. But when is a DIY endevour too much? When is it appropriate to say “don’t try this at home!” This article seeks to explain that concept on the topic of dent removal. While DIY-ing this one can be a great way to learn more skills and develop handy abilities, there are some situations where you may want to seek professional help. One of those categories of problems is dent removal.

Dents can happen to your vehicle in parking lots, on the road, or even on your own property. They are mostly cosmetic in nature, and generally don’t affect the performance or safety of the vehicle. But they can still be unsightly and annoying, and the urge to get your car, SUV, or truck looking beautiful again can be a strong one. But here are some reasons to avoid trying to do this at home, and why taking it to a professional is best.


Dent Removal is Difficult

You are working with metal, here. And paint, and a vehicle that you likely rely on for daily commuting. Some metal objects can be bent back into shape relatively easily, like a metal spoon, or an old-fashioned TV antenna. But a car, with its specific shape, design, delicate paint job, and cost is a far more difficult object to work on. It requires specific dent removal tools to be done well and carefully, and having a team of experts who understand the shape and design of cars (and who have the best and safest tools to use on your car), is best in this case.

Did you know that you might have to DRILL a hole in your car to pull a dent with that Amazon kit? That’s right. Drill a hole. In your car. Are you ready for that? You may also have to repair the paint and bondo the surface to smooth out the dent. Not all dent’s are just going to cleanly “pop” back out. Read this article if you want to learn about what is involved in filling and painting a dent the RIGHT way.



It may be tempting to look at guys on YouTube “fixing” dents on their cars and trucks with home-made suction equipment, but the reality of working on a car under any conditions is that you are working in a potentially unsafe situation. Positioning metal panels back into place requires an incredible amount of force, which creates a considerable amount of recoil or pushback as a result. The energy has to go somewhere, and it’ll go into the arms and upper body of the person attempting to fix the dent. Leaving you, the DIY-er, at greater risk of falling, getting knocked off your feet, or hurting yourself as a result. Don’t try doing this at home. Even worse, trying to use metal chains or cables to fix dents can be lethal if the chain breaks, and hits someone. It’s a dangerous job, and should be left to the experts.



The last aspect to consider is the quality of the dent repair job after you get your vehicle back. When you take your car, truck, or SUV to a professional dent repair facility, know that you’re going to get results. The repair will be professional, careful, and look beautiful, too. At Quality Assured Collision Center our goal is to return your car to you in pre-accident condition. Odds are you will not be able to achieve that level of quality on your own. That is no slight to you – but we do this every day. You’ll be paying a fair price for a job that is done safely, professionally, and with the right equipment for the job. The less work you try to do on the vehicle yourself, in all likelihood the less work the repair team will have to correct, and the less you’ll pay out of pocket overall. So no matter which angle you’re looking at the issue from, taking your ride to a professional for dent removal is a safe, smart, and time-saving decision. If you let the experts handle this problem, you’ll be glad that you did.

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