Why Does My Car Rattle?

why does my car rattle

Why does my car rattle! If you said that out loud, then you are in the right place. When you drive you typically don’t hear much aside from the typical hum of your engine – and your tunes. And perhaps the chatter of passengers. However, if you hear a noise, especially a rattling noise, when you accelerate, this could be a sign of trouble for your car. If you notice that your car rattles, you should seek out a mechanic as soon as possible to get the problem fixed. This article will take a closer look at why a car rattles when accelerating.


Broken Heat Shield

The exhaust system in your car has a lot of complex metal guards that extend across the system, which are responsible for protecting your car from any heat it emits. There are two reasons why this can cause rattling. One reason is that if this shield is broken and hanging away from the rest of this system, it will hit against the exhaust system and make a rattling noise. Another reason may be a hole in the heat shield. This leads to moisture getting into the component, leading to rust damage. This will eventually make the part brittle and easy to break off.


Engine Mount is Damaged

The engine mount is responsible for ensuring that your engine doesn’t excessively vibrate under the hood of your car. Unfortunately, the components that make up this mount can break down over time – they are usually rubber. If this becomes damaged, your engine will move around when accelerating or stopping, causing a rattling noise. The good news is that this is a relatively easy repair to complete if caught early enough. However, the longer this goes on, the more costly it can be to repair, especially if the engine gets damaged.


Lack of Transmission Maintenance

If you want to ensure that your transmission is always in working order, you need to ensure that it’s properly maintained. This can be as easy as always making sure there is transmission fluid in the car to keep it lubricated. If the transmission isn’t properly maintained and lubricated, this can lead to rattling noises in the car. This can also become a more serious issue the longer you let this go on.


Exhaust Parts Worn Out

Another issue with the exhaust system could be that the various components of this system have become worn out. As a result, any part of your exhaust can rust, corrode, or break, which will cause the car to rattle when you accelerate.
If any part of this system is worn out, your car will perform poorly.


Valve Train Defective

Does the rattling noise sound a lot like the clinking of glass bottles together? If so, this is a likely sign that the valve train is defective. These valves are responsible for the exhaustion and intake of the car, and if this is defective, a premature ignition can happen within the combustion chamber.

If you notice that your car rattles when you accelerate, check out a mechanic as soon as possible. If these problems are left unchecked for too long, you will end up with the most costly repairs to fix the problem. We are one of Yelp’s highest rated mechanical repair shops in the Long Beach area. To-date we have over 200 honest reviews from real customers. Many of our reviews offer real pictures from real customers. These people were not just satisfied, they were so happy they wanted others to see for themselves. You can check out our reviews for yourself.